Frequently Asked Questions?

What are your service fees?

Any artisan, Male or Female anywhere in Ghana, who can help Customers to get their work completed.

What items do you sell?

A consumer is a home owner or building contractor who needs the service of a provider anywhere in Ghana. Consumers can register, assign task to a provider and post jobs. This will enable any provider within that location to apply for jobs and get connected.

Can i trust produt quality ?

A provider provides professional services.

How do I search for products to buy?

More than 2 million consumers nationwide check Boafonie List reviews to find the best local service providers, like roofers, plumbers, architect, rain gutter, mason etc., and that's just the short list! The main search bar allows you to search by service category and location.

All providers on the List are organized into categories based on the services they offer. To find the best options for providers, begin by searching for the service category suggestions.

How do I pay for products ?

To update your account profile, select Update Profile from My Profile drop down menu. Adjust any out-dated or incorrect information including your name, phone number, or mobile number. Select Save when finished.